Amplifying Regenerative Arts & Culture

Planet Restoration (PR) is a purpose-based media company amplifying regenerative arts and culture in order to raise awareness, transform consciousness and inspire action.

This is a movement to bring about greater personal and planetary coherence, by transforming the way we, humans, think about and honor our interrelationship with our human family, planet Earth, and the entire Circle of Life. The central theme of PR is LOVE, expressed as environmental stewardship, artistic integrity and various other areas of endeavor wherein LOVE, the restorative force, is the focal point.

In addition to contemporary solutions, PR also promotes timeless Indigenous wisdom and perspectives from Earth peoples and concerned planetary citizens, the world over. In truth, “there is only one of us here”; and PR emphasizes views and transformative ideas that honor the reality of our interrelatedness and sacred place within the Circle of Life.

Furthermore, PR aligns with the notions that “Time is Art”, and that “every movement has its music”. Through these lenses, PR sees that art, music and creativity are imperative for a balanced and harmonious lifestyle, and, therefore, features original “high-resonance” music, as well as highlights creative and inspiring expressions from various PR-associated artists worldwide.

PR Tones

We call our music/tones “hi-resonance” because it raises the mood and vibration of the listener.

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